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Thousands of Canadian Investors, Just Like You, Are Being Robbed of Investment Returns
In the May 20, 2017, Report on Business (Globe & Mail), there is a front page article by Clare O'Hara,[...]
5 Questions To Ask Your Financial Advisor
Welcome to the third (and final) part in our series on Financial Advisors. Today, I want to provide you with[...]
Financial Advisors and YOUR Money
In part one of this three-part series, we looked at the math behind why some Financial Advisors have a minimum[...]
How Are Financial Advisors Paid?
We are going to spend the next three blog posts on Financial Advisors—because yes, they are that important to the[...]
ETFs—What the Heck?
A FEW WORDS ON ETFS A few years ago, at age 42, I started gardening.  I know, a bit of[...]
Pay Off Debt—or Save?
A question I often receive to Ask Nanci is, “I’ve just received a bonus/tax refund/lump sum, and I’m wondering if[...]